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Creative fashion ideas : Mens high fashion suits

Creative Fashion Ideas

creative fashion ideas

  • having the ability or power to create; "a creative imagination"

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creative fashion ideas - New Techniques

New Techniques for Wearable Art: Creative Ideas for Transforming Clothes and Accessories

New Techniques for Wearable Art: Creative Ideas for Transforming Clothes and Accessories

Crafters are altering everything -- clothing, shoes, handbags, journals and much more. They start with an existing item -- a cotton jumper or a jean jacket -- and embellish or alter it in a variety of ways to make it something new. "Altered Art" is the newest trend in the art and craft world.
The first section of the book features tips and techniques that show how to do various creative alterations on fabric: ripping, tearing, painting and dyeing, beading, adding images and letters, and adding hardware such as grommets, snaps, jewels, and more. The second section of the book includes 30 altered clothing and accessory projects the avid crafter can make at home.
Step-by-step photography details the techniques, and large, vibrant color photos of finished projects show off the fashionable projects.
The book is filled with accessible, idea-inspiring projects for people interested in creating their own look.

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east-end-arts-club e16bj tom-steemson 800

east-end-arts-club e16bj tom-steemson 800

Ideas, innovation, and community are at the heart of THE CUBE’s virtual office coworking space. THE CUBE is a fresh and modern designed space that offers its members more than just an office or hot desking.

Our coworking space brings together different industries to a create a space that is conducive of ideas and innovation. This diverse community and the process of Idea Engineering give THECUBE coworking space a great advantage over other office and hot desking spaces. Our members are collaborating with people that they wouldn’t even normally meet; leading them to sharpen their skills, acquire new ways of execution, and be inspired to create better ideas. Most workspaces, just offer the space and do little to encourage innovation or collaboration amongst their users.

The "playable" Dress by Valerio Pavan - Creative Commons ver.

The "playable" Dress by Valerio Pavan - Creative Commons ver.

This is the CC version of the playable dress - Music: "String Theory" by I AM THIS.
The "Sin City" effect has obtained using Adobe After Effect (my trial version ;-).

creative fashion ideas

creative fashion ideas

49 Sensational Skirts: Creative Embellishment Ideas For One-of-a-kind Designs

Alison Willoughby, an innovative textile designer who made her mark in the fashion world as "skirtgirl" for her work on hand-constructed intricate skirts, gives a complete sewing rundown in this fabulous guidebook. Throughout its accessible chapters, this resource shows how to give a new lease on life to a favorite old skirt, transform thrift store finds into runway-worthy fashions with clever customizations, and how to make and decorate a skirt from scratch using the handy bound-in pattern template. With 49 fabulous skirt designs plus one sassy miniskirt, core techniques are illustrated with step-by-step photographs—from sewing fabric into seams, pleating, and ruching to screen printing and adding embellishments. Sewers of all levels—no previous knowledge necessary—learn how to manipulate fabric to create amazing effects such as ruffles, loops, and layers; produce unusual decorations using beads, buttons, badges, ribbons, and myriad found objects; and to create unique prints and patterns with pens, paints, and foil. Step-by-step instructions for making a wide range of skirts are included, plus instructions for numerous stitch techniques, construction and deconstruction, decorative stitches, and descriptions of various fabrics, fastenings, and finishings. Rounded off with a special section on inspiration exercises to get creativity flowing, this crafter's companion has all of the information a sewer needs to begin creating custom fashions.

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