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Best Music For Fashion Show

best music for fashion show

    fashion show
  • (17 Fashion Shows) Catwalk bookings give the right to make use of a model's service on the catwalk for the specified show and the right to allow photographers to be present to take photographs and videos of the show on the basis that all such material (or reproductions etc.

  • A fashion show is an event put on by a fashion designer to showcase his or her upcoming line of clothing during Fashion Week. Fashion shows debut every season, particularly the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. This is where the latest fashion trends are made.

  • The Fashion Show is a British television programme which debuted on ITV2 on 11 September 2008. The programme was originally title The Fashion Project.

    music for
  • "Music for Love" is an R&B song from Mario's third studio album Go!, which was released on December 11, 2007 and is the third official single. Mario announced on 106 & Park that "Music for Love" would be the third official single to be released in April 2008.

Sabrina A. Parisi hosting the Chiochi Fiamengo Fashion Show

Sabrina A. Parisi hosting the Chiochi Fiamengo Fashion Show

Chochi Fiamengo ,Designer Fashion Show (Launch and pre American Music Awards Celebration party. Hosted By: Sabrina Parisi & Sophie Turner
What: Heidi Fiamengo is a celebrity designer will have a fashion show this sat Nov 21st at Falcon in Hollywood to Launch her new fashion collection. She will display her ornate and distinguished couture/accessories for the most anticipated 2009 Chochi Fiamengo Fashion Show. Reminiscent of modern Baroque style, Fiamengo’s intermixed design of bold metallics coupled with bright adornments ranging from feathers to jewels, is designed for women of all ages who want to enhance their own individuality and are not afraid to push the limits of fashion. This event will be catered for with chocolate and given out by some Hollywood's most beautiful models. Compliments of Krissy's Raw Chocolate. There will be many give aways for the celebrity guests. This high end fashion show will bring the best models in the fashion industry. CHOCHI FIAMENGO couture and ready- to -wear accessories is…for those unafraid to take center stage.
Who: Invited Celebrity Guests: Tommy Lee, Carly Hiroyuki Tagawa(Mortal Combat), Patricia Sturla, Kaya Jones (pussy cat dolls), Mya(Dancing with the stars), Pamela Hasselhoff(Baywatch), Holly Madison(Girls Next Door), Joel W Gonzales (Jaimie Foxx Movie) Martin Klebba, Kristen Deluca, Heather Chadwell, Sabrina Parisi(Tv Personality), Tania Mehra (My Antonio), Tony Tarantino, Mary Carey, Sean Riggs, Sophie Turner (Australian Super Model) Poprah (I want to work for Diddy VH1) John (I want to work for Diddy 2), (My Antonio), Claudia Jordan, Mike Mccary (Boys 2 Men) Rolls Royce,Ameona Leigh Almund(Miss Beverly Hills 2006), Ki'er Mellour(Hunting Ground),Natalie Sperl(Unhitched) T - Lopez (Signed to Lil Wayne Cash Money Rec) Jennifer Nicholason (Jack Nicholson daughter) and more....

September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009

A lot of my better photos are completely accidental. Tania just told me to toss this bunch of broken CDs up and... well I tossed it up and bam, photo was good.

I saw *ahem* Mankin today... Maybe if you go back a few months you'll see that I used to like him. In my mind, I saw a hot guy walking towards me, kinda shortaathen he comes closer and I realize it's himaajust with a different haircut (he has a fohawk now). I guess my eyes widened up when I saw that (I didn't expect it). He looks at me. I look at himaaand he immediately diverts his eyes while I'm still gaping at him. *sigh* The good ones are straight.

Tomorrow is the friggin' Think Pink Fashion Show. I'm actually pretty excited for it. Hey! I'm the photographer and helping around with the show (music and feedback). I get to accomodate myself with all the models (a lot of them are guys!) talk to the crew, set up the lighting, receive feedback on music... A lot of things pass me through me hehe. I love it! I can't believe I'm only participating this year! The only downside is that tomorrow I have to stay for two extra periodsaa9th period, when class is still in session but finished, and 10th. I'll get out of school an hour and a half later... but I'll get home around the same time as last year!

I hate getting crushes during the schoolyear. Hate it.
I don't know whether I'm happy with where I am or not.
But my gut tells me I'm not... But I still have a strong feeling I am?
I don't know. I think I'm feeling righteous. I don't need a man.

best music for fashion show

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