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Best Fashion Magazine For Men

best fashion magazine for men

    fashion magazine
  • Fashion is a Canadian fashion magazine published by St. Joseph Media. Established in 1977, it was formerly known as Toronto Life Fashion magazine. It is currently based in Toronto (with satellite offices in Vancouver and Montreal), publishes 10 issues a year and has a total readership of 1,982,000.

  • This is a list of fashion magazines.

    for men
  • For Men is an Italian magazine devoted to sex, health, nutrition, hobby, sport and other men's issues. Its published in Milan, Italy by the publishing company Cairo Editore.

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best fashion magazine for men - Guy Knits:

Guy Knits: Sweaters & Vests (Best of Knitter's Magazine series)

Guy Knits: Sweaters & Vests (Best of Knitter's Magazine series)

From rugged to refined, and from casual to corporate, these 25 men's handknit projects are classics with style. A recent shift in the yarn world—away from novelty yarns to interesting standards, luxurious blends, and rich tweeds—ensures that these knits will be worn, look good, and fun to make. In addition to swatches highlighting new yarn choices, clear illustrations encourage the knitter to try color work, cables, or textured stitches for the first time. With the wide range of sizes and a special knit-to-fit section, these pullovers, cardigans, vests, and waistcoats work for men in all walks of life.

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Japanese Fashion Magazine

Japanese Fashion Magazine

This is an issue of BRUTUS, a men’s fashion magazine in Japan. It is an issue from 1988; it is special to me because my uncle is inside it! My uncle was a model in Japan for awhile, and worked in the fashion industry and the food industry as well. In this specific article he is pictured posing as a representative of a restaurant. My uncle gave me this to keep, and it came from (obviously) Japan, and traveled with my uncle back to the United States, which since then, has been sitting in a box in his basement.
I find this magazine very interesting, because it is a fashion magazine for men. When I think of fashion magazines, I guess I picture women’s fashion magazines, but with men’s clothing. But this magazine appears to me to be more of a travel guide. That’s the best word I can think of, but only about a third of the content is actually men’s clothing, the rest is advertisement for equipment, food, hot sites around the city, furniture, and homes. I guess when I think further, fashion is not only clothing; and in this case, fashion is referring to what’s new and cools for men.
I also made notice of how much katakana is used within the magazine. In Japanese, katakana is used to refer to foreign words. I would have assumed that since it was a Japanese magazine, it would be mostly in kanji or hiragana. Are they expecting many foreigners to read this magazine? This also makes me wonder why there would be a need for so much katakana; why are they using so many foreign words. This is an example of how much Western influence impacts Asian culture. If a Japanese magazine has to incorporate a large portion of foreign words that also shows how natural Western culture has become to Asia.



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best fashion magazine for men

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